The Smart Digital Lab

The Smart Digital Lab uses emerging disruptive digital technologies and battle hardened existing technologies, to explore, solve and teach complex engineering principles and problems.  Using advanced usability techniques, we augment people’s abilities so that experts and students alike can experience, visualise, design and construct in a way that is completely impossible in the real world.  We do this primarily using intelligent digital twin simulations and gamified virtual environments.  Our goal is for technology and humans to work together in symbiosis, with the whole greater than the sum of the individual parts.

To meet the team, navigate to the ‘People’ section; to see what amazing projects they are working on, open up the ‘Projects’ section; to see the futuristic space and equipment we have available, check out the ‘Facilities’ section; and the ‘Publications’ section lists many of the latest papers.  The ‘Resources’ section contains links to various online material and information.

Engage with us as your R&D partner!

The Smart Digital Lab is open for collaboration, both from inside the university and with people and organisations from outside the university.

We are engineers; practical people who love to solve complex problems.  Contact us for more information.